ImageGlass logo


The new ImageGlass logo

ImageGlass has just got a new cool simple logo thanks to our awesome designer Nguyễn Quốc Tuấn. This logo shows the spirits of the ImageGlass app: simple, modern, lightweight and versatile!


ImageGlass Moon

ImageGlass Moon contains the very latest state of develop branch, and is built and shipped to users, usually after a phase of development. ImageGlass Moon is designed for early adopters, and might get scrapped due to lack of quality.

Other than the lack of testing, and possibly not having all the bugs fixed, ImageGlass Moon is merely ImageGlass from the future (except for those features that might get scrapped due to lack of quality).

To download ImageGlass Moon, you go to menu Download > ImageGlass Moon. If you are encoutering any issues, please report it to the Github or Google group