This release mainly improves stability and features.

ImageGlass 4.5


RAW formats supported

ImageGlass 4.5 uses Windows Imaging Component (WIC) to extend the supported formats, including RAW and others. 
If you are running Windows XP SP3, you need to install WIC package from Microsoft for RAW support. However, as we announced, this may be the last version of ImageGlass which still supports Windows XP/Vista.


New file type icons

When you associate a file type to open with ImageGlass, it will have a new icon for being easier to idetify. Thanks KyoGrou for those nice icons.


Portable version is available

Portable mode allows you to keep the settings into local file and reuse it. 

By default, ImageGlass will run in Portable mode which doesn't write any configs in Registry. To check this, you can open Settings dialog > General tab and see the Portable mode section.


Download it now!

Be aware of scams and only get the files from our site!
Also, to report bugs, suggestions and generally provide feedback, use our Issue; reporting anything on social media or in any other place is just pointless, as the developers only follow Issue.

Download ImageGlass 4.5

For the complete changes see the changelog.