Announcing ImageGlass 9.1 - From The Merge Berlin

Update The update addresses these issues.

Update The update addresses these issues.

We are thrilled to introduce ImageGlass 9.1, a major update packed with exciting new features and enhancements.

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Highlights of ImageGlass 9.1

Advanced Color Channel Viewing

Building on the ability to view image color channels introduced in version 7.0, ImageGlass 9.1 now supports viewing one or more color channels simultaneously. You can select single or multiple color channels to view via Main Menu > Image > View channels or by using the context menu.

Advanced Color Channel Viewing

Version 9.1 also enhances color channel loading performance through GPU acceleration, making updates fast and efficient.

Lossless Compression with Magick.NET

ImageGlass 9.1 introduces Magick.NET Lossless Compression, a new tool for optimizing and reducing file sizes without compromising image quality. Access this tool from the Main Menu > Tools or use the hotkey Alt+C.

Magick.NET Lossless Compression

New Image Loading Orders

You can now sort images by Date taken and Rating using EXIF metadata. The Rating sort order also integrates with the "Use Windows File Explorer sort order if possible" setting, ensuring your image list loads in the same order as File Explorer.

Startup Boost Mode

To enhance startup speed, ImageGlass 9.1 features Startup Boost mode. When enabled, ImageGlass preloads and runs in the background for a few seconds during Windows startup, accelerating the first launch.

Enable this by going to Settings > General > Startup and clicking the "Enable Startup Boost" button.

Other Improvements

In addition to Startup Boost mode, we’ve made several enhancements to reduce app launch time, improve Color Picker tool performance, and ensure seamless operation with multiple monitors.

Two new settings have been added:

  • Open the Save As dialog in the current image directory in Settings > Edit.
  • Enable image synchronous loading in Settings > Image.

This version also includes bug fixes for the Gallery panel to prevent cached thumbnails from appearing for images with the same name.

Get the update now!

Please be cautious of scams and only download ImageGlass from our official website. We highly recommend against downloading ImageGlass from any other source to avoid potential security risks. Additionally, if you encounter any bugs, have suggestions, or would like to provide feedback, please use our Issues tracker.

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For the complete changes see the changelog.

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