Zoom Modes

A set of togglable zooming functions that help you work with the viewing image faster and better.

Auto Zoom (Default)

The default zoom mode that is suitable for the most users. The viewing image will be auto-scaled if its dimensions are larger the viewer.

Shortcut: Ctrl + A

Scale to Width

This mode is very useful for designer to look through a design, especially when combining with vertical scrolling setting. It also helps manga readers smoothly focus on the image content.

In this mode, the viewing image will be scaled to fit the width of the viewer. Suitable for viewing long images.

Shortcut: Ctrl + W

Scale to Height

Similar to Scale to Width mode, but Scale to Height mode will scale the viewing image to fit the height of the viewer. Suitable for viewing wide images.

Shortcut: Ctrl + H

Scale to Fit

Regardless the dimensions, the viewing image will be scaled to fit the viewer.

Shortcut: Ctrl + `


New Real-time Updating Engine

ImageGlass 5.5 uses FileWatcherEx engine (https://github.com/d2phap/FileWatcherEx) which is customized  from Microsoft VSCode File Watcher library. 
No false change notifications when a file system item is created, deleted, changed or renamed.


Seamless Theme Enhancement

Theme package for ImageGlass 5.5 was added new properties to make seamless theme color for Main menu, context menu and checkerboard background.
The size of grid cell of  checkerboard is also improved for high DPI monitors.


Bug fixes and Performance Improvement

There are many important bugs fixed in ImageGlass 5.5, which are
- Memory Leak due to invalid meta data of image
- Infinite loop of First Launch Configuration screen
- Several issues about real-time file change detection
- Thumbnail bar problem causes hanging when the viewing folder contains many files


Download it now!

Be aware of scams and only get the files from our site!
Also, to report bugs, suggestions and generally provide feedback, use our Issue; reporting anything on social media or in any other place is just pointless, as the developers only follow Issue.

Download ImageGlass 5.5

For the complete changes see the changelog.