Customize Zoom levels

An option in Settings dialog helps you to customize your zoom levels. The level value should be in range from 5 to 3500


Follow Windows File Explorer sort order

With this feature enabled in Settings dialog, ImageGlass will load image files in the same order of Windows File Explorer. You can drag-n-drop images to ImageGlass window; to manually update the image list, you can go to Main menu > File > Reload image list.

It only works if the image folder is opening!


The new core library of ImageGlass

ImageGlass 7 come with a big improvement of core library. You can change the number of images cached with ImageBooster in Settings dialog, depending on how powerful your RAM is.


Web-to-App linking

ImageGlass 7 also allows you to view local images file/folder from a website by supporting a special protocol imageglass:path.
This protocol is also enabled when user registers default photo app in Windows OS. Check the video for more information.


Download it now!

Be aware of scams and only get the files from our site!
Also, to report bugs, suggestions and generally provide feedback, use our Issue; reporting anything on social media or in any other place is just pointless, as the developers only follow Issue.

Download ImageGlass 7.0

For the complete changes see the changelog.