Announcing ImageGlass 7.5

ImageGlass 7.5 contains the biggest changes in its source code ever, lots of new features and improvements introduced since the previous version 7.0.

New settings engine

ImageGlass 7.5 introduces the new settings engine which provides 4 levels of settings:

  • Level 1 - Built-in app settings: Same as v7.0.
  • Level 2 - Default file settings: As a admin, you would like to have some default settings for your users, you can just create igconfig.default.xml file in startup folder and put all of your settings here.
  • Level 3 - User settings from file: igconfig.xml (located in ConfigDir): Same as v7.0.
  • Level 4 - Admin settings from file: All the settings in igconfig.admin.xml (located in startup folder) will override all the settings of previous levels.

With the admin settings level, you can do many amazing things:

  • Prevent user changing the settings
  • Force ImageGlass always opened with some settings, e.g. always open in Full screen mode, Slideshow, ...

Frameless window and window modes

For those who don't like the border of the window, you can enjoy the Frameless window in ImageGlass 7.5. In Frameless mode, the title bar and window border are removed. You can move the window by holding Shift key and drag it.

There are totally 4 basic window modes in ImageGlass 7.5:

  • Full screen (Alt+Enter).
  • Window fit (former name: Window adapt to image) (F9).
  • Frameless (F10).
  • Slideshow (F11).

The interesting thing is, you can combine some of the above window modes to create the new amazing window mode, some of the examples you can try:

  • Windowed slideshow (F11 -> Alt+Enter -> Alt+Enter).
  • Frameless windowed slideshow (F11 -> Alt+Enter -> Alt+Enter -> F10).
  • Window-fit slideshow (F11 -> F9 -> F10).
  • Frameless Window fit (F10 -> F9).

Viewing multi-page images

ImageGlass 7.5 allows you to view a single page of the image separately thanks to Page Navigation tool. Currently, it supports TIF, GIF and ICO format.

  • With this new tool, you can navigate to the next/previous page, or quickly jump the first/last page. Shortcuts are supported, too.
  • Extract image frames function now called Extract image pages, which help you save all the pages of the supported multi-page formats to hard disk.
  • An option allows you to automatically display Page Navigation tool if the viewing image contains multiple pages.
  • Page index information displayed on the title bar as well as in the tool.

Touch gesture support

Windows Touch support has been added. The following swipe gestures are supported:

  • Swipe left/right for previous/next picture
  • Rotate : will rotate by 90 degrees, in either direction
  • Zoom in/out at a location via spread/pinch
  • Zoom in/out via swipe up/down Caveat: implemented and tested only via emulation!

Performance improvement

Launch performance is continuely improved!

The first improvement was introduced in ImageGlass 6.0 with startup profile and asynchronous loading. In ImageGlass 7.5, we completely compiled the executable files to native images which will reduce the startup time up to 20% (according to Microsoft). Moreover, the new setting engine does reduce File IO operation, which also reduce CPU / Disk usage and speed up startup time.

Download it now!

Please be cautious of scams and only download ImageGlass from our official website. We highly recommend against downloading ImageGlass from any other source to avoid potential security risks. Additionally, if you encounter any bugs, have suggestions, or would like to provide feedback, please use our Issues tracker.

Download ImageGlass 7.5

For the complete changes see the changelog.

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