ImageGlass 8.2 is a small but critical update, it improves the stability, contains bugfixes, feature improvements.


Support printing multi-page TIFF

Printing in ImageGlass is now enhanced with multi-page support for TIF/TIFF format. You just press Ctrl+P to print the image, there will be an option to allow you to choose which page of TIF/TIFF file to print. ImageGlass uses "Print Picture" dialog of Windows OS to perform printing the viewing image.


Support relative path for Editing app

ImageGlass does not have many editing tools, but it provides options to integrate thrid-party apps for this purpose. In v8.2, you can use relative path, or protocol to execute the editing app. This is especially useful when you want to open the viewing image with Windows Store apps which often hide its location and use protocal to launch. Refer to this ticket for further information.

Besides that, you can also select multiple extensions to assign an app for editing.


Critical bugfixes

We addressed a lot of critical bugs in this update. Some of them are related to image saving functions (Save / Save as / Crop / Flip / ...). An issue reported by many people, when opening an image, it pops up the message "Reached the first image" and only shows a blank screen until you navigate to other files, also fixed!


Official Discord server

We just launched a Discord server for ImageGlass where you can chat to the other fellows, or ask a question..., please feel free to join in:


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Also, to report bugs, suggestions and generally provide feedback, use our Issue; reporting anything on social media or in any other place is just pointless, as the developers only follow Issue.

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For the complete changes see the changelog.