ImageGlass 8.3 released with UI updates for Windows 11, multi-page format improvements, and bugfixes.

ImageGlass 8.3


UI updates

On Windows 11, the app windows and menus are rounded corners by default, while the accent color is widely applied in toolbar, menu, and thumbnail bar on Windows 10, too. These changes improves accessibility of the app, so now you can obviously see the current viewing image, the selected buttons on toolbar.


New feature: Custom zoom

"Custom zoom" lets you set scale factor value of the viewing image a custom value. More flexible, more accurate for zooming feature.


Improvement for multipage format

ImageGlass auto-detects the multipage formats, e.g. ICO, TIFF, FAX, ... and loads all image pages. This may slow down the loading speed for some kinds of image, you also can ask ImageGlass to read them as single-page format by the experiment setting SinglePageFormats. By default, HEIC, HEIF, PSD are treated as single-page format.

<Item key="SinglePageFormats" value="*.heic;*.heif;*.psd;" />

Besides that, color management and printing are also supported.


New layout options for Full screen mode

You can make toolbar and thumbnail hidden in Full screen mode, you them in Settings > Image > Full screen.


Roadmap for ImageGlass 9

ImageGlass on .NET 6

We are planning to migrate ImageGlass to .NET 6 from version 9 which is scheduled some time in 2022. If you are unable to install .NET 6, you can stay with ImageGlass 8.


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For the complete changes see the changelog.