This release mainly improves slideshow and window fit mode, and fixes UI bugs.



Changes for Magick.NET library

ImageGlass has been using Magick.NET Q16 to read the image formats since version 4.0. In version 8.7, we changed to Magick.NET Q16-HDRI for more precise and better quality output. As a result, it requires a bit more memory for reading the image because it uses a floating point (32 bits-per-pixel component) and allows out-of-bound pixels (less than 0 and more than 65535).

This change applies to the 64-bit release of ImageGlass 8.7. If you need a more lightweight version, you can download the 32-bit release.


Support dark mode for title bar

Version 8.7 adds an option to theme pack config file (igconfig.xml) to enable dark (or light) mode of the title bar. You should update your theme packs to enjoy the seamless color in the app.

To learn more about the theme pack, you can visit:


Support setting sub-second slideshow interval

In version 8.6, you can only set the slideshow interval by a second. The contribution of @BenHUET makes it possible to use milliseconds for the slideshow interval. You can enter a decimal number into the slideshow interval textbox, click OK or Apply button to apply the change.


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