Announcing ImageGlass Moon 9.0 beta 3

This is the beta-3 release of ImageGlass Kobe version 9. Many features of version 8 are missing and there are a lot of breaking changes. All features and settings may be changed when the official version 9 is released.

ImageGlass Moon 9.0 beta 3

To follow the progress of version 9 beta 4, please visit: You can also support this project by making a donation or purchasing from Microsoft Store (version 8):

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General changes

  • Added support for assigning multiple hotkeys for Menu in igconfig.json.
  • Added support for smooth zooming and panning without using Image Focus mode.
  • Improved high DPI scaling.
  • Upgraded Magick.NET to version 12.2.2.

Theme component

  • Added support for Windows 11 UI (dark mode only) via setting WindowBackdrop. There are 3 options: Acrylic, Mica, MicaAlt.
  • Added support for dark/light title bar in Windows 10, and Mica title bar for Windows 11, according to the IsDarkMode property in theme pack config file igtheme.json.
  • Improved context menu with the new checkable indicators: Check box for multiple choices, Radio button for single choice.
  • Added support for using system accent color in Colors section, by the syntax: accent[:alpha = 255]
    • accent is required.
    • alpha is optional, allows you to change the alpha value of the system accent color.
    • Example: accent:180.
  • Added support for auto-updating theme colors when system accent color is changed.

Viewer component

  • Added fading transition when switching images, configurable by the setting EnableImageTransition.
  • Added support for smooth panning by default without Image Focus mode.
  • Uses accent color for heading text message, navigation buttons, selection.
  • Added support for customizing the interpolation mode corresponding to the image's zoom factor: ImageInterpolationScaleDown and ImageInterpolationScaleUp. Interpolation values:
    • NearestNeighbor
    • Linear
    • Cubic
    • SampleLinear
    • Antisotropic
    • HighQualityBicubic

Thumbnail bar component

  • Improved the speed of generating thumbnails by using cache from Windows File Explorer.
  • Added setting ThumbnailCacheSizeInMb to change the maximum size of thumbnail cache on hard disk. The default setting is 300 MB.
  • Aligned the thumbnails center horizontally by default.
  • Improved thumbnail size when DPI is changed, or scroll bar is visible.
  • Fixed: image height information in tooltip is not correct.

Image Booster component

  • Added support for GIFV image format.
  • Added setting ShowImagePreview to display the image preview while the image file is being loaded, using embedded image, and sync the interpolation mode.
  • Added support for opening image bigger than 16384px by scaling down it to 16384px.

New features

  • Add new feature: Unload image to unload the viewing image and release memory resource.

The new Slideshow mode!

ImageGlass slideshow

  • Moves slideshow to a separate process with only clean viewer.
  • Supports open multiple slideshows.
  • Supports run ImageGlass in slideshow mode.
  • Prevent OS from entering sleep mode.
  • Supports sub-second slideshow interval.
  • Uses the correct : symbol for countdown text.
  • Auto-hides cursor after 3 seconds.

The new Crop tool!

ImageGlass Crop tool

  • New crop UI, follows system accent color, and shows size of the selection.
  • Adds support for holding Shift to select a square.
  • Adds support for aspect ratio.
  • Adds a lot of options for Crop tool settings to set the default crop selection when switching to a new image.

For all new features and details of the changes, please visit:

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