This is the beta-4 release of ImageGlass version 9. Features and settings may still be changed when the official version 9 is released.

ImageGlass 9.0 beta 3

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Update minimum requirements for ImageGlass 9


General changes

  • Upgraded Magick.NET to version 13.0.1.
  • Improved ImageGlass startup time and latency by enabling ReadyToRun compilation.
  • Added support for animated APNG and WEBP formats with hardware acceleration.
  • Added support for auto-switching theme according to system dark / light mode.
  • It shows Color space and Color profile info on the title bar and thumbnail's tooltip.
  • Added support for updating the viewing image folder in real time. You can disable this feature by setting EnableFileWatcher.
  • Changed the prefix for passing app setting as command-line from - to /. Example: ImageGlass.exe /EnableFrameless=true.
  • Added support for open external apps for editing by setting EditApps. Example:
    // in igconfig.json
    "EditApps": {
    ".png": {
        "AppName": "Paint.NET",
        "Executable": "C:\\\\paintdotnet.exe",
        "Argument": "<file>"
  • Added options about what to do after the external editor is launched by setting AfterEditingAction.
  • Added new feature: Export image frames
  • Added new feature: Rotate image
  • Added support for saving TIFF, GIF as multiple frames.
  • Improves ImageGlass Slideshow view with Frameless, Window Fit mode.


New window modes

  • Frameless mode
    • The window corners are rounded by default.
    • Hold SHIFT and drag to move the window.
  • Window fit mode
    • Disables Maximize button on the window.
    • Improve performance when the user zooms over the image.
    • Added support for all zoom modes in Window mode.
  • Window modes combination for the main view and slideshow view:

    Mode Full screen Frameless Window fit
    Full screen
    Window fit


Layout customization

  • Added support for layout customization using setting Layout for:
    • Toolbar with setting Toolbar,
    • Thumbnail bar with setting Gallery,
    • Contextual toolbar with setting ToolbarContext.
  • Example:
    // in igconfig.json
    "Layout": {
        "Toolbar": "Top;1", // Toolbar is at top, below thumbnail bar
        "Gallery": "Top;0", // thumbnail bar is at top, above the toolbar
        "ToolbarContext": "Bottom", // contextual toolbar is at the bottom


New Page navigation tool

  • Supports for viewing separate image frame.
    • Non-animated formats (TIFF, ICO,...).
    • Animated formats (GIF, WEBP, APNG,...).
  • Respects the size and orientation of the image frame.
  • Exports all frames.


New Color picker tool

  • Shows cursor location on the viewing image.
  • Clicks to pick the pixel color.
  • Adds support for color formats: RGB, HEX, CMYK, HSL, HSV.
  • Added buttons to copy the color code.
  • Added a Settings window with options to show alpha values for each color format.


External tools support

  • You can download external tools at
  • Created library for other 3rd-party apps to communicate with ImageGlass via IPC message events.
  • Sends events to the external tools using ImageGlassEvents.
  • Sends EnableWindowTopMost as a command-line argument to request the external tool window to be top most.
  • Use the ToolSettings setting to store the settings of the built-in tools (Crop tool, Color picker) instead Tools.
  • Added support for adding external tools to ImageGlass Tools menu by setting Tools and assigning the tool's hotkeys by setting MenuHotkeys.
  • Shows "Tool not found" dialog to allow the user to select the executable path of the tool.
  • For more details, please refer to


Introducing ExifGlass - a new ExifTool for ImageGlass

ExifGlass is a brand new EXIF metadata viewing app, designed to work seamlessly with ImageGlass 9, but can also be used as a standalone software on your computer. To use ExifGlass, you need to have ExifTool by Phil Harvey installed on your system.

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