Announcing ImageGlass Moon 9.0 RC

In this latest release, we've introduced changes and enhancements that are sure to make your image viewing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

ImageGlass 9.0 RC

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System Requirements

Recommended Minimum
Windows 10/11 x64 version 22H2 Windows 10 x64 version 2004 (20H1)
.NET Desktop Runtime 8 .NET Desktop Runtime 6
WebView2 Runtime x64
(required for App settings, Quick Setup, Check for Update, About dialog)

General Changes

ImageGlass 9.0 RC addresses a vulnerability related to WebP files (CVE-2023-4863). It introduces support for .NET 8 and ARM64 builds. The new Color dialog allows you to pick alpha values. You can now open a new image window easily with 'File > New window.' It also offers the ability to disable menus, an 'EnableDebug' setting, and improved mouse click actions.

Quick Setup Dialog

This version replaces the First-launch configurations with a user-friendly Out-of-box experience wizard. It includes two setting profiles for different user needs and allows you to control the Quick Setup dialog display.

App Settings

You can now toggle the ImageGlass icon on the title bar with the new 'Show app icon on the title bar' setting. The UI for settings like ImageInfoTags, EditApps, ToolbarButtons and more has been enhanced for user convenience. File type associations settings are improved, and a "Get help" floating button provides quick access to documentation.

Additionally, the UI for ZoomLevels has been refined, and "ImageGlass" is no longer added to the file type when setting it as the default photo viewer.

ImageGlass 9.0 fixes issues related to the thumbnail cache, ensuring it doesn't reset and adheres to the specified size limit.

Download it now!

Please be cautious of scams and only download ImageGlass from our official website. We highly recommend against downloading ImageGlass from any other source to avoid potential security risks. Additionally, if you encounter any bugs, have suggestions, or would like to provide feedback, please use our Issues tracker.

Download ImageGlass Moon 9.0 RC

For the complete changes see the changelog.

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