Due to end of support from Microsoft, Windows XP and Windows Vista will not be no longer supported since ImageGlass 5. The upcoming ImageGlass 4, will be the last version works on these versions of Windows OS.


- Base on the statistic data from ImageGlass website, the number of visitors using Windows XP and Vista is 2.76% from March 2016 to February 2017 and it keeps decreasing (2.35% for last 3 months).

- The latest version of .NET Framework which still supports Windows XP is 4.0. There are a lot of improvements, new features and fixes,... for the later versions of .NET Framework which promisingly improve the performance of ImageGlass in the future.

Which Windows versions are recommended?

- Although ImageGlass will still support Windows 7 SP1, we recommend you to use the latest version of Windows OS - Windows 10.