🎏 View and export Exif data in ImageGlass 8.0

UI Shortcuts Reference Version

ImageGlass has several built-in shortcut keys that can save you time in your daily workflows.

This guide provides a quick reference to each shortcut available in ImageGlass. You can also find shortcuts in tooltips or menus. Hover over an element to display its tooltip. If the element has a shortcut, the tooltip will include it.

Keyboard shortcuts

Common features

Open main menu Alt+F
Send the viewing image to other apps Ctrl+(drag)
Horizontal / Vertical scrolling Ctrl | Shift | Alt+(scroll)
Panning image Up | Down | Left | Right
Window fit F9
Frameless F10
Full screen F11
Moving frameless window Shift+(drag)
Settings... Ctrl+Shift+P
Exit ImageGlass ESC ,


Open file... Ctrl+O
Open image data from clipboard Ctrl+V
Open new window Ctrl+N
Save image as... Ctrl+S
Open with... D
Edit image... E
Print... Ctrl+P
Share... S
Refresh R
Reload image Ctrl+R
Reload image list Ctrl+Shift+R


View next image Right arrow ,
PageUp ,
View previous image Left arrow ,
PageDown ,
Go to... G
Go to the first image Home
Go to the last image End
View next page Ctrl+Right arrow
View previous page Ctrl+Left arrow
View the first page Ctrl+Home
View the last page Ctrl+End


Zoom in +,

Zoom out -,

Custom zoom... Z
Actual size 0,
Auto Zoom 1
Lock zoom ratio 2
Scale to width 3
Scale to height 4
Scale to fit 5
Scale to fill 6


View channels Shift+C
Loading order Shift+O
Rotate left Ctrl+,
Rotate right Ctrl+.
Flip horizontal Ctrl+;
Flip vertical Ctrl+'
Rename image... F2
Move image to recycle bin Del
Delete image from hard disk Shift+Del
Extract image pages... Ctrl+J
Start / Stop animating image Ctrl+Space
Set as desktop background N/A
Set as Lock screen image N/A
Open image location Ctrl+Shift+L
Image properties Ctrl+I


Copy multiple files Ctrl+C
Copy image data Ctrl+Shift+C
Cut multiple files Ctrl+X
Copy image path Ctrl+L
Clear clipboard Ctrl+`


Start slideshow F12
Pause / Resume slideshow Space
Exit slideshow ESC,


Toolbar T
Thumbnail panel H
Checkerboard background B
Keep window always on top `


Color Picker K
Page navigation P
Cropping C
Exif tool X


About F1
Check for update... N/A
Report an issue... N/A
First-launch configurations... N/A

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