ImageGlass 7.6 is the second release in 2020 - 10th anniversary. This update contains new features, fixes and being rolled out amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Let's stay safe!


Cropping tool

You now can select a region of the viewing image in ImageGlass with Cropping tool. This also allows to save and copy the selection to clipboard. Besides that, you can manually adjust the crop factors: X, Y, Width, Height from tool window.

Cropping tool does not support multi-page / multi-frame image formats (GIF, TIFF). You can only select the visible page/frame of the viewing image. Also, any modification on image may cause losing meta data and quality.


Read and write Base64 formats

ImageGlass 7.6 adds more supports on base64 formats using .b64 extension. The conversion from image to base64 can be made up to 8 MIME types:

  • image/gif: animation supported.
  • image/tiff: multi-page supported.
  • image/webp: animation supported (*).
  • image/svg+xml: scaling supported (*).
  • image/bmp, image/jpeg, image/x-icon
  • image/png: all other image formats will be saved as PNG base64.

(*) - copy the base64 content and open in browser.

The conversion from base64 back to image format is limited:

  • Does not support multi-page / multi-frame. Only the first page / frame supported.
  • Converting image/svg+xml to SVG causes pixelated.


Title bar shows more information

ImageGlass displays color profile (if any) of the viewing image on title bar. In addition, image file date time is now either:

  • EXIF DateTimeOriginal with suffix (o), or
  • EXIF DateTime without suffix, or
  • LastModifiedTime with suffix (m).


Simplify shortcuts of ImageGlass

We standardized and simplified lots of shortcuts in ImageGlass 7.6 which, we believe, is easier to remember. You only need to press a key most of the time instead of a key combo.

For details, please refer to UI shortcuts reference.


Slideshow improvement

We added an option to allow people to play slideshow in random interval. This feature is requested by lots of artists.

You can go to Settings > Image tab, scroll to Slideshow group, then check the option "Use random interval". Here you can specify your interval range from 1 second up to 10 minutes.

Besides, ImageGlass 7.6 also keeps computer awake while in slideshow mode. It means your screen will not be turned off or put into sleep mode after being idle for a few minutes.


Performance improvement

We fixed a bug which made ImageGlass takes 4 times slower to load TIFF and the images that contain color profile. This bug comes from our third-party library Magick.NET.


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For the complete changes see the changelog.